Argan Restaurant
× Dear valuable customers due to the coronavirus we are now closed until further notice, thanks for all your continued support.

Welcome to Argan’s Moroccan-Lebanese Cuisine


Moments from Clapham High Street, Argan’s Moroccan-Lebanese cuisine is central our aim to be local restaurant with international flavours. The restaurant brings the subtle flavours of Morocco and Lebanon to southwest London’s diners. The food and drinks, the service and the restaurant’s atmosphere are all intended to evoke pictures of sultry nights in Moroccan bazaars and Lebanese shisha bars on Clapham’s Venn Street. Diners are invited to join the team to sample the flavours from this unique culinary destination.


Argan Restaurant, 73 Venn Street, Clapham Common, London SW4 0BD
Tel: 020 7498 3622 | Email: